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Edmonton non-profit hopes to launch mobile grocery market this summer | CBC News

An Edmonton organization is hoping to create a mobile grocery store, bringing affordable food directly to local communities.


Technology inspires Vancouver companies to sell directly to customers

Online shopping is challenging brick-and-mortar retailers because of the amount of data companies can collect.


100 Mile House’s video rental store is coming to an end - 100 Mile House Free Press

The days of going to the store, loading up on snacks and renting movies are coming to an end in 100 Mile House. After roughly four decades, A&B Videos is closing its doors.

Allan Roberts, who co-owns the business with his wife April said rental activity has gotten to the point where it’s no longer viable as a business.

“We’ve watched it decline quite a bit over the past 12 months to the point where it’s no longer turning a profit,” said Roberts. “We’re supporting it with other businesses to keep it afloat. We just think the time has come that we have to let it go. Sometimes you can turn certain corners with businesses; you can bring new fresh ideas. This one has no fresh ideas. Every day there’s something else going against it, whether it’s streaming online, pay-per-view, or whether it’s downloading or Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook.”


Victoria’s third legal cannabis store opens Thursday

The Farm Hillside was delayed in opening after Victoria city council sent the store’s licence application back for a second round of public consultation before approval.


Products seized from Calgary health store include banned drugs, veterinary medicine | CBC News

Health Canada says it's tested two unauthorized products seized from a Chinese herbal shop in Calgary and found they contain prescription drugs that cannot be sold in Canada, that were unlisted on the product labels.