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Alibaba’s Jack Ma urges Canadian firms to be bolder in trading with China

Speaking at a conference in Toronto, Ma and Trudeau pitched entrepreneurs on exploring China’s market.

Nordstrom Has Opened Its Last Full-Line Store in Canada: Will Profits Follow?

Nordstrom has finally completed its full-line expansion in Canada, which should help the company's Canadian operations turn profitable in the near future. (Investing: Motley)

Freshii Inc. Announces Revision of Outlook

Freshii Inc. (TSX:FRII) (“Freshii” or the “Company”), today announced an update of various aspects of its outlook for fiscal 2017 and through the end of fiscal 2017 and through the end of fiscal 2019...

Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy: What does this mean for my gift cards?

Toys ‘R’ Us filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this week in the United States—and plans to soon make a similar filing in Canada where it has 70 stores. Excuse us if we wax nostalgic over the prospect of the company disappearing (many of us bought a first toy for ourselves or kids there), but the company insists it has plans to stick around after it restructures a mountain of debt. For now it insists it’s business as usual, for its stores, gift cards and loyalty programs. Here are five things you need to know...

African trip more than fun and games for Mastermind toy company

Mastermind co-founder and staff find meaning in giving money and hands-on help in Kenyan villages.

Why loyalty-card programs should just die

(By David Segal) - "Study after study has shown why they just don’t work. You essentially discount your brand in exchange for customer data, which feels cheap and tawdry. In the long run, it doesn’t yield economic returns — studies have shown that companies with a higher spend on loyalty programs earn, on average, 10 per cent less than competitors. The reality is, do any of the cards you have really compel you to head back to the store?"