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Costco to open Galway location — its largest store in Canada — on June 27 | CBC News

At 190,000 square feet, it will be the largest Costco store in the country — a testament to the growing consumer culture in the province, despite a downturn in the economy.


How This Retail Hub In Moncton Showcases The Spirit Of Collaboration Among Small Businesses - Huddle

The new retail hub at 90 Weldon St. is about cutting costs and creating opportunities to collaborate amongst the community-minded businesses locating there. Roger Atlee, who owns Punch and the building itself, says he set the rents to just cover the operating costs. “We were able to take the property and just break down the cost of [operating it] without any profits,” he said.


2 Summerside businesses offer new alternatives to single-use plastic | CBC News

Two Summerside businesses are offering new alternatives to single-use plastic, from biodegradable packaging to produce, sandwich and grocery bags made from cloth. Farmed Market and Craft Butchery has started to eliminate polystyrene, switching to biodegradable trays for packaging meat, meals to go and school lunches, as well as wooden cutlery, cups that are made from recycled material only as well as paper straws.


A group of women in Sudbury are opening a new store that will help people cut back on waste | CBC News

The Nickel Refillery will be a place where you can shop for things such as shampoo, hand soap and window cleaner in bulk, but you will need to either bring, borrow or buy your own reusable container.


Cannabis Retail Guide: J. London, London

J. London wouldn’t look out of place in Toronto’s posh Yorkville neighbourhood, only this cannabis store is located in the southwestern Ontario city of London.