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Sara Williams

🧪 Acalypha indica and Curcuma longa plant extracts mediated ZnS nanoparticles

The development of biomedical electronics, biosynthesis of ZnS nanoparticles(NPs) much attracted researchers, due to an eco-friendly and cost-effective routes forsynthesisZnSnanoparticles. In this present work, ZnS NPswas synthesized by using acalypha indica and curcuma longa plant extract using chemical co-precipitation method.


🧪 Lab rats play hide-and-seek for the fun of it, new study shows

Neuroscientist Michael Brecht of the Humboldt University of Berlin got the idea for his experiment from YouTube. “There are all these YouTube videos from pet owners that say their animals love to do this,” he says. Although it’s well known that rats play lots of rough-and-tumble games, hide-and-seek is so much more elaborate that Brecht wondered whether they could really do it.


🧪Application of Novel Clay Composite Adsorbent for Fluoride Removal | Material Science...

A novel cost-effective, eco-friendly clay composite adsorbent was developed towards fluoride remediation. Clay, Grog, Bone char, and Sawdust were dry mixed within volume ratios of (5:1:1:1), (4:2:2:1), and (3:3:3:1), respectively. The powders were mixed again with distilled water, pressed with disc shape; sun dried for three days and fired for one hour in the muffle furnace at 400oC, 500oC, and 600oC.


🧪 Mountains hidden in the deep sea are biological hot spots. Will mining ruin them?

Submerged 1 kilometer beneath the ship, in permanent darkness and crushing pressure, was a dead volcano, the Tropic Seamount. One treasure bloomed on its flanks: an otherworldly, multicolored forest. Curled, pale sponges that looked like potato chips the size of dinner plates grew there, as did spindly white corals festooned with squid egg sacks.


🧪 Comparative Analysis of Characteristics of Stainless Steel Cellular Material

Stainless steel has an excellent mechanical property as well as high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel foams, therefore, seemed like an attractive material for impact energy absorption applications where damping capability is required such as in vehicles and buildings.


🧪 In the world’s highest city, a lack of oxygen ravages the body

ON A COLD, GRAY MORNING earlier this year, Ermilio Sucasaire, a gold miner, sat in a white plastic chair with a stack of papers and a pen in his hand. His inquisitive eyes scanned a large room where a group of scientists were performing tests on his colleagues. One fellow miner rode a bicycle, panting heavily, electrodes attached to his chest.

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