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Top FREE Educational Websites for Taking Online Courses | 2017

Educators, Entrepreneurs & Students

Every day the internet is becoming more and more accessible. As a result, a wealth of online resources are at our fingertips to learn, grow and expand our knowledge base. There is no longer a dependency on having to attend colleges and universities to acquire specialized knowledge. 

Technology and the internet have granted us access to a wide range of digital learning materials such as: online classrooms, digital presentations, video courses, communities, forums and much more. The open-internet offers access to numerous organizations and individuals who offer free online courses and learning materials. 

We've compiled a list of the best websites that offer online courses and open courseware content for different types of higher education. All of these websites are all part of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) movement. 

As you go through this list and find websites with course material, you're interested in. Simply, sign up and start learning and expanding your knowledge base today.  

Remember online courses, if taken seriously, can indeed provide you knowledge in ways that are no less effective than learning in the classroom. Learning online is wonderful and fun way to expand your abilities. Give it a try!

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