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Now Open: Rêve Rouge lingerie shop appeals to young consumers | Toronto Star

(We also reported on this last month) With a new ship at Bayview Village, Liliana Mann wants to appeal to younger buyers and get them interested in lingerie.


E-commerce putting Montreal retail real estate in the fight of its life

Online shopping has drastically changed the landscape of the Canadian commercial property segment, according to observers. Amid the growing popularity of online channels among merchants and consumers alike, major department store chains are in a grave struggle to survive—or have even disappeared altogether, if Target is any indication—in Canada, but Montreal’s retail real estate sector is not throwing in the towel just yet.

Several of the city’s mall owners are investing millions into renovations as demand for retail space does not appear to be flagging down any time soon—at least in certain locales.

“It’s very individual,” according to Craig Patterson, founder and editor-in-chief of online industry publication Retail Insider. “You’ve got some centres which seem to be doing better than ever.”...


Cooperation trumps competition in downtown Uxbridge | DurhamRegion.com

UXBRIDGE — With big box stores and online shopping looming large in the retail sector, the small businesses of downtown Uxbridge are coming together to attract customers.


Skyrocketing taxes crush independent Yonge Street retailers | InsideToronto.com

(This has been reported in the past, but the issue continues) Soaring property taxes have many small business owners looking to close up shop near Yonge and Wellesley as the costs of operating their stores are set to outstrip their profits.