Hi there,

Who turned the lights off?  It's dark, cold and suddenly feels like winter.  This means next week the UK will be setting off fireworks, celebrating the fact that on November 5th in 1605 King James Ist survived The Gunpowder Plot.  I've been learning about this through my kids - 36 barrels of gunpowder and 13 conspirators!   "Great history Sarah, but so what?"

This month we're talking about influence and Robert Catesby (lead conspirator) was influential.  He didn't hold a position of authority and he didn't have 150K followers on Twitter.  Yet, he did have vision, passion and purpose - people followed him.  

Most organisations don't realise the potential influence they hold within their workplace.  Discovering, enabling and activating employees as influencers can be beneficial to both employee and brand.  It's also cost effective way to manage risk and create relevant content!

I'm proud to have worked with Onalytica to explore this concept further.  The result?  A white paper about Employee Advocacy 2.0:  Leveraging Influence To Drive A Connected Organisation (LINK).  An enormous achievement with input from many experts I hugely admire.  Take a look.

Other highlights this month:  

We'll be celebrating on November 23rd as a Finalist at the International B2B Marketing Awards - I cannot wait.  A chance to celebrate with customers and reflect on the last 3 years at Tribal.  Cheers to that!