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Fun and Constructive Group Games for Adults

Group games for adults are a great way to connect, relieve stress and have a great time. Use these games at company picnics, family reunions and any other get-togethers. Group games for adults are fun and constructive when you use them to help achieve specific goals.

Tell the Truth Game

This fun game is a constructive way to get to know your coworkers and friends. Each person has to tell three statements to the group. Two statements must be true, while the third has to be false. Each person has to guess which statement is false.

Intonation Game

Marketers, actors and teachers have a wonderful time playing this game. Select a current, well-known commercial slogan for each participant. Then provide the group with an angle, such as fierce, weepy or sexy. You must then deliver your slogan with the emotion chosen, which gets everyone laughing and helps you develop crucial communication skills.

Spoon Race

When you want to make a group of people comfortable with each other quickly, skip the egg-on-a-spoon race. Tie the ends of two skeins of yarn to two spoons instead. Your group members then stand close together in two teams and must work to quickly pass a spoon through the tops of their shirts and the bottoms of their shorts or pants to the next teammate. By the end of the game, everyone is connected by yarn and well acquainted with each other.

Unique Introductions

This is a simple but effective way to get people to introduce themselves. Just ask each participant to share his name and one unique fact about himself. Not only do you learn something about your peers, but you also gain helpful information for future assignments that call for unique talents.

These games are simple enough to be done anytime, anywhere. The company picnic is a great place to perform these activities, but so is the office itself. Take a quick break during stressful meetings, and enjoy your coworkers' company with these group games for adults.

About Author: Doris Hall is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher specializing in educational, health, controversial argumentative essay topics and domestic issues. Previously, she spent five years in marketing in the self-help, health and health and safety sectors before leaving to start a family. She now edits and writes content for the U.K. Health and Safety Executive. Doris graduated in 1993 with an honors degree in English Literature

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