By Sarah Kansa
Opening the Past, Inspiring the Future

The evidence archaeologists collect to explore and understand our origins is both fragile and irreplaceable. If it disappears, we lose part of ourselves and history. Your support for our work helps preserve the digital record of history for future generations so all can access, understand, and learn from the ancient world. The articles below highlight our progress in 2017 towards this goal. 

In 2018, we are piloting a program called Data Discoveries aimed at making data more accessible to the public. This program will publish short articles that highlight archaeological research and present data in accessible ways– allowing readers to learn about new discoveries while offering pathways to “dig down” into the underlying data and analysis at the foundation of the articles. This program will be a unique way to promote greater data literacy, which is emerging a core competency in the 21st century. Stay tuned in 2018 to learn more about this program!