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Digital Audio Creation Tools You Should Know | 2017

Music Enthusiasts, Audio Marketers and Aspirants

Whether you're a designer, artist or animator, the web is demanding more multimedia every day. Audio is the easiest way to bring your projects to life. Be it a product video clip, podcast or a web slide show, audio can be a critical component for enhancing the experience of your audience.

"Sound/Audio" is really a catch-all for many things like music (live recordings or digitally created), singing voices, speaking voices, sound effects, and environmental sounds. These items can be used alone, or in various combinations when creating anything from a podcast to a full-length movie.

The best thing about adding sound to your tool-set is that there are so many ways to do it, that you can find the path that best fits your needs and budget. When it comes to audio creation tools, they basically come in one of three categories: 

  1. Audio editing
  2. MIDI/loop music creation, and 
  3. High-end packages for composing and full multitrack recording.

In the list below, we’ve rounded-up the best open-source audio tools you should be using in 2017.

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