By Roland Antonides, CFA

Goldman Sachs' Podcast and guess what is the most expensive material in the world? Did you know that the USD equivalent gold value stored in Fort Knox is very similar to the current USD market capitalization of Bitcoin? Secondly, Bitcoin fits on a sheet of paper or on an USB stick, so it seems Bitcoin is one of the most expensive "material" based on USD value per density - no it's not antimatter (?).  

R3: R3 was born out of a common frustration with multiple generations of disparate legacy financial technology platforms that struggle to interoperate, causing inefficiencies, risk and spiraling costs. It seems most European Banks make a strategic bet on it.

Research: Sweden a cashless society? The ratio of currency to monetary aggregated M3 fell from 7% in the early 2000s to 2% in 2016. Eswar Prasad put a very interesting paper together analyzing central banks' approach to cryptocurrencies. He is also comparing the countries approach to cryptocurrencies. Look at the Appendix, Footnotes and References - they are very rich.

Center of Blockchain: So is it Switzerland, Malta or San Marion? Or Canada?

Distributes Consent Mechanism: Proof or Work, Proof of Stake or Proof of Delegated Stake - "Hey, what's the difference?"

The 17 Millionth Bitcoin is mined: What's next?

Dilbert: Dilbert....