This is a short week with kids, but a long week with parent-teacher conferences. Let me know if there are any parents you would like me to make contact with during the week. Or if parents share a concern with you, send them my way before they leave the building. 

October is a good month to review with kids the importance of kindness and discuss bullying. I am addressing it in my lessons as well. Here are a few good videos on this topic you can show. 

In my lessons the kids shared some things that happen most often here at Lincoln: 

  • Kids telling them they can't play with them
  • Friends telling them that they won't be their friend if they play with another student
  • Kids chasing them at recess or running away from them even when they ask them to "please stop" 
  • Kids talking to others about sleepovers or other events in front of them

Our students are just starting to navigate this relationship thing in their lives. We all know it just gets more complicated as the years go by. Be aware and listen, we have a lot to offer them while they learn these social skills.