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Independent Convenience Store Coalition Kicks Off SOS - Save Our Stores - Campaign

Ontario's independent convenience store owners are banding together to protest provincial government policies they say are driving them out of business. The protest, named SOS for "Save our Stores", kicked off today at Brothers Convenience Store in Thornhill, Ontario. The store is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kim, who have operated it for 15 years. However, like many other store owners, they are wondering how much longer they can stay in business.

The store owners' coalition is spearheaded by the Ontario Korean Businessmen's Association (OKBA), the largest organization of independent convenience stores in the province. Over the last 10 years more than 500 OKBA members have closed down their businesses as a result of the ever-worsening business environment in Ontario...


Movie Experts say “So long Fort St. James, and thank you all.” - Caledonia Courier

Frank started his business adventure with Nechako Valley Electronics Ltd. in the mid seventies and he believes there’s only one other business in Fort St. James that has been around longer, and that’s the Classic Restaurant.

Eventhough he’s been in the movie rental business he says he hasn’t watched most of the videos he’s had in his store. His passion has been for “The business side and getting to know people and what they like.”

“You have to get to know your clientele,” he says, “That’s the only way your business will succeed"...


Dynamite Expands into Women's Footwear [French/Engish]

Montreal Weekly: The retailer Dynamite launches itself into the world of footwear with a collection created especially for them. With 9 models of shoes and 4 models of boots, the collection is quite complete. It goes from the court shoes all the way to the thigh boot all, of course, offered in various trendy colors!


Dormio Organic Beds Has Opened a New Store in Kitchener, Ontario

Dormio Organic Beds, Canada's premier retailer of organic beds, mattresses and pillows, has opened a new store in Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday, July 29, 2017. The Kitchener store is the first of its kind outside of the GTA.

To celebrate the occasion, Dormio has launched grand opening specials on its website, www.dormio.ca.

"Since Dormio opened, we noticed an incredible demand for organic mattresses. It's because people are realizing that the benefits they provide are incredible for both the owner and the environment," said Lance Hunter, Manager for Dormio Organic Beds.

"It's this demand we aim to address with the opening of our new Kitchener store. And we hope that our specials motivate those on the fence to try out our products and feel the difference for themselves," added Hunter.


Bramalea City Centre welcomes VR Escapes Canada | BramptonGuardian.com

VR Escapes Canada is set to open its first location at the Bramalea City Centre on Thursday, Aug. 12.

Raheel Merchant, an operations specialist with VR Escapes, said while it is a pop up arcade, the company is planning its stay to be “indefinite.” There are also plans to open more locations in the Greater Toronto Area over the next few months.

Merchant, a 31-year old, said he expects a continuing boom in virtual reality because of millennials.

“We are the generation that adopts new technology, especially in entertainment,” he said...


Closed within 5 months: Hair salon owner blames borough

While trying to obtain a certificate of occupation, a business owner in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie says he received misleading information from borough employees.