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Kent Building Supplies is headed to Dartmouth Crossing

The Irving organization is making a pair of significant real estate moves in Dartmouth.


Altruism at the core of St. John’s-based Wildhood Clothing | The Telegram

A year after launching Wildhood Clothing online, Abu Sayed recently launched a retail location to sell his line of high-end, fair trade and ethically sourced line of t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies made from scratch at factory in his native Bangladesh.
For Abu Sayed, success isn’t measured by money. It’s measured by how he makes other people feel.

. It’s measured by how he makes other people feel.


'It's very troubling': Hidden camera catches car dealerships breaking sales rules

Dealerships push longer-term loans to make cars seem more affordable, but an undercover Marketplace investigation reveals some salespeople are either unable or unwilling to explain to customers how those seemingly sweet deals could load them up with debt down the road.


Smoke signal canister causes damage product ‘in the millions’ at North Sydney Walmart

The store has been closed on the Northside since Nov. 6, after somebody let off a smoke signal canister inside the building, reportedly between freezer units in the retail grocery section of the store.


New Indian grocery store brings comfort to growing population in Charlottetown

There's nothing like the taste of something familiar from your childhood — and one newcomer is hoping to bring that comfort to others with her new Indian grocery store in Charlottetown — the Spice Store.