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Ontario announces first 25 companies that can apply for cannabis retail licenses

Those selected have 5 business days to turn in applications along with $6K fee and $50K letter of credit


James Charles fans 'shut down' Square One shopping mall as 10,000-strong crowd turn up

YouTuber James Charles and his fans managed to ‘shut down’ Squaer One shopping centre in Mississauga as over 10,000 fans turned up to see him. The beauty YouTuber cut the ribbon to Morphe’s first Canadian store – and compared it to ‘my friends when I finally cut off the boy that’s been treating me like shit for months’.


Giant Tiger, Vandal, and other Halifax Happenings [Halifax ReTales]

Giant Tiger Bayers Lake, Jamaica Vibes, Vandal Doughnuts, No Frills Dartmouth, Zephyr Rug and Home, Giggles Pizza, Mo$t Wanted..


LCBO thefts now make up nearly half of all shoplifting from Toronto’s most-hit retailers

A deeper dive into raw shoplifting data obtained from the Toronto Police Service, isolating the year-over-year increases — together with corroborating accounts from more than 20 LCBO whistleblowers who have approached the Star since the first story was published — now provides a far more detailed understanding of the scope and acceleration of the problem.


As a teen he fixed phones: Now it's a business | CBC News

Nic Merry used to fix phones in the living room of his parents' home in Eastern Passage, N.S. Now, his company that fixes phones has six locations in Nova Scotia and plans to open more.