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The next generation of pharmacies want healthy people — and a healthy planet | CBC News

About 80 pharmacies in Quebec are going green by shedding wasteful packaging and single-use products.


Miracle on Yonge Street at Hillcrest | View the VIBE Toronto

It’s a Miracle on Yonge Street at Hillcrest! Visit Toronto’s most beloved Santa at Hillcrest with your kids on Saturday, July 20, and Sunday, July 21.

Celebrate the magic of believing at Centre Court! Santa will take photos with kids in Muskoka chairs, with festive backdrops and holiday lights or catch him roaming around his favourite Hillcrest retailers.


Ask for the moussaka at this Greek specialty store in Scarborough | CBC News

Cosmos Agora is part grocery store, cheese shop, butcher shop, bakery and hot counter.


Metro pilots discount program to combat food waste | Grocery Business News

Metro has launched a program to sell products nearing their expiry date at a 30 per cent discount. Twenty of its stores now offer the discount, Metro says. The discount will not only cut food waste, but will help customers save, the company says. Even though the products are soon due to expire, they are still perfectly good.

The “30% off” stickers will be placed on products daily as employees do the freshness rounds in the produce, meat, fish, deli, cheese, bakery, grocery and dairy departments.

Metro has already implemented a number of initiatives to reduce in-store food waste as much as possible, such as offering last-minute discounts to sell off soon-to-be-expired products. The new program aims to systematize the process to ensure discounts are applied consistently in different stores. (Grocery Business Magazine)


Second City and Wayne Gretzky's restaurant location being replaced by condo

A new condo development project is forcing out two iconic establishments in Toronto - Second City and Wayne Gretzky's restaurant.


Toronto ramping up fight to close illegal pot shops and keep them closed

Toronto is ramping up its fight to close the last remaining illegal cannabis dispensaries. The city’s director of investigation services says fewer than 10 are still open. He says some are “serial violators.” The city won’t say exactly what it plans to do.


Ontario should heed lessons of other provinces for new beer system: experts

The PCs have the option of adopting the systems used in Quebec, Alberta or British Columbia, or they can develop something unique.