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Breaking ground on new $25M retail centre in Newfoundland | CBC News

Shoppers Drug Mart, Starbucks, Dollarama, East Side Mario's, and more retailers to come.


Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake’s First Quebec Chapter Opens Today — And More Intel

Following a couple months of uncertainty as to its precise opening date, Eater has received word from Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake representatives that its Montreal location will be open today as of 9 a.m. The city can now boast access to the pastries that were heretofore only available in Canada via Toronto and Vancouver. The reputation of the bakery’s a strong one, as it’s been known to generate long lines of hungry fans at its Ontario locations. Why the excitement? Japanese cheesecake is known to contain much less sugar and dairy than the North American variety, and has no base of crushed cookies or graham crackers, resulting in a particularly fluffy dessert. While the opening day has been confirmed, the hours haven’t. As for the menu, they’re generally similar across all of Uncle Tetsu’s locations, so expect items honey madeleines, twice-baked rusk, and the signature cake.


Is Ontario planning a mix of public, private retail cannabis stores?

Hiring is proceeding as planned for a rollout of 40 public-sector Ontario cannabis stores, according to a document shown to Global News.


Taggart eyes new retail plaza in southwest Orléans | Ottawa Business Journal

An Ottawa developer is looking to add a grocery store, restaurant, gas station and other retail shops in a fast-growing corner of the city’s eastern suburbs.

The investment arm of Taggart Realty Management has filed a rezoning application with the city for its property at 2983 Navan Rd., near Page Road, in the Chapel Hill South community.


New Podium Reanimates Block of St. James Town Rental Towers | Urban Toronto

A block of rental apartment towers in Toronto's St. James Town neighbourhood are being refreshed at street level with a new podium that includes retail facing Sherbourne Street.