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Thunder Bay employment agency says it's important to 'bridge that gap' for Sears employees

Employees at Thunder Bay's only Sears store will be forced to look for another job and officials with a regional employment agency say they are ready to provide staff with the necessary help to find their second career.

"Once we hear about a situation like Sears, we want to get involved as soon as possible so we can help people access the resources available to them," said Jeff Sampson, the director of employment programs at Northwest Employment Works.


Montreal Mall Slammed For Santa Visit On Remembrance Day

A Montreal shopping mall is getting criticized for trotting out Santa Claus on Remembrance Day.

Saint Nick arrives at Place Versailles on Saturday morning — about an hour before ceremonies are held to honour Canada's war dead.

The mall's management has been lambasted online — with social media users calling on Santa's visit to be rescheduled...


Made in Canada is cool again | TheSpec.com

You don't use the words gorgeous and factory often in the same sentence, but the gleaming white, glassed-in cube of the George Brown Fashion Exchange, tucked into the lobby of a condo building in buzzy new Regent Park, is indeed slick.

Now a year old, the enormous 5,600 square-foot open space features artfully exposed ductwork, reconfigurable work stations and punchy yellow powerbars raised overhead, courtesy of the George Brown School of Design...


How Peterborough’s Sears established Lansdowne Street as a retail centre | MyKawartha.com

Opened in 1954, the department store paved the way for Lansdowne Street to become one of the city's biggest shopping districts