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Nova Scotia breaking federal rules on cannabis marketing, critic says

Nova Scotia’s cannabis retailer is being accused of violating federal regulations by “glamourizing and normalizing” marijuana, but the Crown corporation says it is simply educating consumers.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation recently unveiled the design of its cannabis stores, which divides products into four distinct categories: relax, unwind, centre and enhance. There will also be tablets at tabletops allowing customers to browse products and “discover your experience” once the stores open in October.


‘A bit of a myth’: Why Doug Ford can’t do much about ‘price gouging’ by gas stations

Canadian gas prices are low compared to other developed nations


Ontario to offer 'non-financial incentives' to brewers for buck-a-beer

Ontario launched its buck-a-beer plan Tuesday by offering "non-financial incentives" to brewers who sell their beer for $1, prompting critics to question the Progressive Conservative government's priorities and accuse the province of trying to deflect scrutiny on key issues such as education and the environment.

Premier Doug Ford said participating businesses will be offered prime spots in Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores, or advertising in flyers or inserts, among other possible rewards.

Speaking at a brewery in Picton, Ont., the premier said the program, which was one of his promises during the spring election campaign, will not cost taxpayers anything.


Sydney Kent store relocation approved | Cape Breton Post

Access to building supply chain’s new Grand Lake Road location yet to be decided


Medi-Green adds to its footprint with two new stores

Beleave Inc announces Medi-Green stores in London, Ontario and Montreal in September.