Perhaps more than any other winery in Piedmonte, Rocche dei Manzoni can be credited for changing the wine landscape of Barolo.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the estate produced traditional-style Nebbiolo from some of the township’s most famous and coveted vineyards. But owner and former Michelin-starred restaurateur Valentino Migliorini quickly became one of Barolo’s pioneers and innovators as he began to experiment with barrique-aging (i.e., new small French casks as opposed to the traditional large-format botti).

Today, such innovation seems commonplace. But the seemingly clairvoyant Migliorini was among the first to take such bold steps in an appellation literally steeped in tradition and conservatism. By the 1990s, many estates in Barolo and Barbaresco had followed Migliorini’s model and shifted toward “modernity” as it later came to be called. And by the 2000s, Migliorini’s Rocche dei Manzoni was considered to be one of the greatest new wave producers in Barolo.

Today, the wines are made by his son Rodolfo who continues in his father’s footsteps making modern-style but extremely balanced and elegant expressions of Barolo.