Hi xxx,

I hope this email finds you well! I saw your Instagram profile and noticed you’re having the same problem as millions of users out there. It’s the restriction of having only ONE clickable link.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Deciding whether to add the link to your website, Facebook page, YouTube page, article or product to purchase. It’s a hassle to change your bio link every time. 

elink.io is a simple tool that allows you to have multiple links in your Instagram bio and send your followers anywhere. It is being used by numerous brands and influencers in over 100 countries!

elink.io will make your Instagram account more powerful! If you need any help getting set up feel free to email me anytime.



Dev Parashar

P.S. We have some examples for you to look at how people are using elink.io in their Instagram bio. Feel free to check them out to get some inspiration!