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We've had an immensely enjoyable and busy last few weeks whilst having the Lions' tour back in town. Despite the cold, our warm welcome to the fans has gone down an absolute treat, seeing customers come back time after time and spreading the word to fellow Lions' fans. One of our personal highlights was hosting Lions players parents who loved the relaxing atmosphere within the newly renovated garden area. 

Aside from Lions fans we've also been fortunate enough to have a front-row seat to see our amazing America's Cup team whilst they cruised the North Wharf. It was an incredible achievement and the immense support by the New Zealand public, even in the pouring rain makes you proud to be a Kiwi, or be lucky enough to live in this amazing country. Bring on 2021!

Come down to The Conservatory throughout these Winter months and embrace your inner hygge in ways you can only dream of...

We have blankets, hotties, a toasty inside fire, portable heaters and that perfect mulled wine recipe you've been searching for. 

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