Roland Antonides, CFA
Roland Antonides, CFA
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  • Music: bitcoin rap with Chris Record HODL GANG - LISTEN.
  • Humor: John Oliver explains bitcoin - WATCH.
  • Podcast: Goldman Sachs discusses mobile wallets & blockchain - LISTEN.
  • Santander Group / Ripple: launches a blockchain-based application for cross-border FX transfers based on Ripple's xCurrent platform.
  • Transferability: tonnes of gold and silver bars fall from Russian plane - couldn't happen with cryptocurrencies.
  • R3: started as a consortium of banks looking to use blockchain technology, but it's broadening its ambitions.
  • University: Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown are adding more blockchain and crypto classes.
  • Wild West: Ennio Morricone’s epic theme tune, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Fudly)".
  • Visualization LN: great visualization of the lightning network.
  • Nothing can stop bitcoin: we will no longer be sending money, we will be streaming money.
  • and other interesting articles worth reading.

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