By Roland Antonides, CFA

Stop the thief! USD 500 million were taken from Coincheck's digital wallets. 

This Newsletter focuses on ICOs. Early 2018 you will see one ICO which will change your perspective. It will be a USD 1.2 billion issuance! 

But before we go there you need to know that a couple of days ago we saw the biggest successful attack on a cryptocurrency exchange. USD 500 million were stolen from an exchange located in Japan. To be clear, the exchange and their lack of proper internal security systems cause the issue. The currency itself was not hacked - a pattern seen many times in the past. This incident stresses again the iron rule of investing in cryptocurrencies: After you bought your coins immediately transfer your purchased coins from the exchange to your private wallet. A wallet where you control your private key! Exchanges are a honeypot for hackers.

Now lets go back to ICOs.

2018 is the year of ICOs - why?

Lets look at some 2017 data. And if you think ICOs can't keep up with IPOs you will be surprised:

Look at the excellent ICO report from PwC and Crypto Vally (Zug in Switzerland - yes I know it's not California)

Robin Hood is back!