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Identity social media and body image

Social & emotional changes: adolescence | Raising Children Network

Social & emotional changes: adolescence | Raising Children Network

According to this video it tells what changes you might be seeing when your children are being affected with social media. You might find a kid who wants to spend less time with his/her family but thats not how the parents are sued to seeing them but they do that because they see a lot on the internet and they question themselves, why can my friends talk back to their parents and I cant? At the same time, some teenagers find it hard to understand the effects of their behaviour and comments on other people.

How does social media affect body image?

How does social media affect body image?

This link shows how bad social can affect people especially teenagers. While there are social media behaviour that can be compulsive and excessive, such as constantly checking updates, counting “likes” or changing what you have posted, even late into the night. Physical changes occur in the body of a heroin or alcohol addict which cause them to need more of the substance all the time to feel okay and which cause them to be really sick and need medical intervention when they cannot get heroin or alcohol. The psychological need to be on social media more and more, and the anxiety that may occur when not online, are not physical and can be overcome without medical care. Nevertheless, there are many young people who have an attachment to their online lives, whether it be to social media or gaming, that is unhealthy and can cause them significant problems with school performance, social life, and even physical health and that's what one of my peers talked about during the talk show.

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