Hi [Name]

Well, did you make it through GDPR and the flurry of emails asking for consent?  If I'm honest, I haven't noticed a significant drop in my inbox even after ignoring the re-subscribe requests.  Slightly disappointing.

It's a timely topic for us because GDPR triggers an interesting shift in the way we now communicate. Pushing content to an unsuspecting audience is no longer possible (and isn't best practice, either!).  

It's now about attracting audiences.  How?  Great content.

Your employees are well positioned to create amazing digital content.  They're experts and close to customers.  Help them understand how they can turn their knowledge into content that supports their own brand, your Social Selling process and your content marketing strategy.  We love employee generated content - it's more credible and authentic.

For now, enjoy this months Tribal Chatter and in the true spirit of GDPR (that will be the last time I mention it.  I promise) you can change your subscription preferences below, if you so wish!

All the best,