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Isabella S

How a new school year looked in the ‘80s vs. now

How a new school year looked in the ‘80s vs. now

Things aren't the same as in the old days and somethings have gone for the best but i know there not all good .people did make something so people did get lazy but they couldn't call or text faster to talk to family but i picked this because my mom says back in my day and it's not her day anymore and i think its a not really something i want to hear because that's then and this is now.
things didn't coast so much but things are getting harder and later every year. some kids don't have new stuff but that doesn't matter because at lest your mom tryed but the grated part about what's different is the women's rights and black rights i picked this because i like seeing how we have improved.
Overweight & Obesity Statistics | NIDDK

Overweight & Obesity Statistics | NIDDK

we are know as the fat one because of how mad it's getting one is because of the food 2ed is people being lazy and some where born that way but i think we just have to make something different fat people have a hard time and I know all they need is a little help.
people put a lot of stuff in the food to make it grow faster so that makes it so bad for people that's why china wont buy pigs from us anymore.
i picked this one because i know someone who is a bit big and they hate there body but it's harder for them to work out so i really am just saying don't call someone fat because it's so hard for them to lose it.
Gay Marriage -

Gay Marriage -

Gay is it wrong ? is it a birth defect? not to me they are just like straight people and i think they should get married and be able to have kids.
I know people say it was meant for a women and a men but this country doesn't make there laws on religion it's on whats right or wrong.
not a lot of people have a open mind but i don't think you would like being told who you had to love.
we have free will for a reason not so we can take it away from others because there different that's what we fought for and so many died for that right are we really going to make there death mean nothing.
gay people die just because of who they love and that's wrong that's why i picked this but not just that but because of equality just like slaves only thing is it's not about skin color.
Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.

Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.

we are grouping them all but people have to remember that just because one person does it doesn't mean they all do it.
to me cops suck they don't really help and i think it's okay to say because I'm not turning around asking them for help.
some of them don't really care about what happens to other peoples kids or to them.
i feel like if something happened and you called the cops because some guy was beating you so you hit him or stab him and you tell them what happens in the car they will try to mix up what you say and then your in deep poo.
I disliked them even when i was a kid but that's because everyone else did i didn't really have a reason but now i do and i see that something have to change but that won't happen for awhile but we can always hope right ?
I know I said people who fight for us should be respected because of what they do but i just don't feel the same i feel i can do with out them.
I know what your thinking well what happens if you need them well that sucks for me but that's for me to pick no one else.
; )
Onision – I Am Whatever I Wish To Be

Onision – I Am Whatever I Wish To Be

he gets a lot of hate for being honest but it's why he became a youtuber and i agree if you don't like something you have the right to tell them you don't like it or that it upset you but what i don't agree with is when you know you don't like a youtuber and keep watching there stuff then you hate on them i mean if you know it's not for you then don't watch it.
I honestly admire him and hope i can be as honest as him people don't get that kissing butt won't get you far.
he tells it when no one else will it's like not telling people there going to blow up.
he also talk's about haters and everyone is if you think about it i know i am i don't like some dances and i can't dance at all.
so i guess i am saying is he also showed me a lot
when i was smaller i would say sorry even if i wasn't so my cousin said Bella don't say it unless you mean it so never said it again unless i mean it even if that means i get in more trouble.
Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.

Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.

This isn't right just because one person is racist or violent doesn't mean they all are it's like saying all white people hate blacks and that's not true but i picked this because To me the cops don't really help at all they get in your face and don't care if your gone i don't really like cops at first it was because no one else liked them.
I got older and had to deal with them myself and they suck they don't really help.
I know i said respecting them is something you have to do because they save life's to but instead of me talking poo about them and still call them then i just wont call them i have no trust in cops.
respecting older people i get but they have to earn it like everyone else i will show them as much as they show me no matter the age.
Pacific, California - Wikipedia

Pacific, California - Wikipedia

this is where i first went to school we all knew each other in school and there wasn't really any bullies but we all knew to stick together we where kind of like a little family.
I moved a lot from here to san francisco and to Daly cite always back and forth then i moved to nevada and then here.
this is where a lot of my family is and this is where all there bodys are sadly but it's home.
i know it like the back of my hand ....
on the 27 i think of whatever mouth but all my family was together and we all had so much fun there was food and a park but the best part was the water fight it was like a full on war for us.
i have so much there even if i am not there it's hard sometimes but i know there okay i make sure. :)
Music Sayings and Music Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

Music Sayings and Music Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

Music always makes me feel better I have a lot to think about when it comes to it.
it holds a lot of memories for me I picked this because it's all ways been there for me even when i was alone.
I remember singing with my mom as we cleaned the house and we would do it for hours, honestly i miss days like that but i have grown from then and maybe later on we can be like that again. music is a something that makes me feel alive it makes me want to get up and have fun.
I also use it to to keep busy because sometimes it keeps me from over thinking.
music is something you can dance to ( even if you can't dance ) because you don't have a care in the world.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help for Chronic Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help for Chronic Anxiety

I picked this because I worry a lot everyday and i can't not feel bad i worry about my mom and step dad i love her and i know i let her down and make her life hard but i try to make her happy i really do but i never seem to do the right thing i end up making her sad or mad.
for my step dad i just don't want to live with and i am not the best person i know but we just aren't made to be friends but he's a cool guy ( just drives me a little crazy)
I over think to the point where i just freak and then i start thinking out loud.
I just don't know what to do with life.
Have you ever been so lost to the point where you don't even know right from wrong anymore ? its's a hard thing to have but it's something I can't help. I worry what i will be or become but no one get's what i feel so when i try to talk to someone they just look at me and tell me things will get better or time is on your side no that's no help at all then people ask why i act they way i do and that;s because that's the only way to make people listen...... i don't know why i fight so hard for something i am never going to get,
Why is reading so important? | Pearson UK

Why is reading so important? | Pearson UK

Reading is important to me I love to read for me it's like a way to get away from the world it is also like a movie in your head.
I think everyone knows it's important they just have to find something they like
some kids don't get to go to school and read and i think some of us forget that (even me) but i picked this because without reading or writing we would have a lot of stuff we wouldn't have the jobs we have today.
my mom loves reading she is the one who made me fall in love with it it was kind of our thing.
the best part for me is when you read to someone and just to see there face makes you smile.
when i was 8 or so i would not read no matter what (i was a brat ) so my auntie put me in the corner and i waited and waited for hours all because i had a fit but she showed me a lot .
21 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber

21 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is hated for a lot of things (in my opinion ) he has massed up just like everyone else no one is perfect.
People say they hate him because he is a mean person but who isn't he said he was sorry and it's no one business anyway honestly i think if u haven't meat them then you can't say you like them or not same goes for trump why do people hate him as a president because of some of the things he's done but does no look at the good ( I myself don't keep up with what he does (even if i should ) but i am sure there is always someone who hates something about all presidents. I picked this because I dislike when I listen to Justin and they say his a boy part or when they do that to anyone what gave's someone the right to do that your no better then anyone even if u have money or not we are all the same . There was a friend of mine who was judged all the time she cut and she did it to deep and i couldn't help because i wasn't there (she texted me) but the point is you never know if what you do will push them to there breaking point.
Everything You Need to Know to Understand Military Pay

Everything You Need to Know to Understand Military Pay

I picked this one because in my opinion I think they should be payed more and I feel strongly about this because they fight and die for us for our freedom.
I think we forget how much they do for us the pay is really low and is hard to buy a house and feed there family's that's why 56 % where homeless last year so i just want to make a a change. i was told only stupid people join and they fight for all the wrong reasons but those kind of people make me mad because of how disrespectful they are.
Not everyone joins for the same reason but with out them then we would have to do it they do something not everyone can do they see things no else should see but if you don't believe in what our country fights for then you can move or start a protest.
War isn't the best thing but it's something we have it's not something you can really stop unless we put up no fight but i know that's not the america i know we fight till there's no fight left and I feel this way because i know a lot of people who are in the army one was my step dad but he had PDHD is what i think it's called and he shot himself in the head and it killed my mom but he was in all that pain and couldn't take it but he did it for our freedom for us so respect is something that means a lot to me.