By Stop Cricket Valley

The Kent CT Board of Selectmen had their regular meeting today.  The Kent Conservation Commission presented their compelling and informative letter asking for action from the selectmen on Cricket Valley. 

Over 50 people attended this weekday 4:30PM meeting, in a town full of weekenders.  Representatives from Washington, CT and Sherman, CT Conservation Commissions were in the audience.

The entire meeting was videotaped and is available here:


Email firstselectman@townofkentct.org with your thoughts.  Feel free to cc: stopcricketvalley@gmail.com to leverage the power of numbers.  We will not publish or share letters without your express written permission.

Text of the Kent Conservation Commission letter:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/160x9CwulsJCf9OpC3L1E58sSkwkQCdN9/view

If you only read one complete thing on Cricket Valley, this letter should be it!  It is an excellent overview of the most important parts of this story.

Here is the handout you can hang on bulletin boards and distribute to those who want to know more:  Handout / Flier on Cricket Valley

And as a Kent resident said at today's meeting -- this is an election year.  Bring this topic up with every person and candidate you come into contact with -- "How do you feel about Cricket Valley?"  If they need more information, give them a handout or link to the handout.  It's an election year -- are your elected officials working for YOU?