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T Coyle
T Coyle
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Maintaining Food Safety in SC

Follow the directions as stated on each link and complete the work required.

#1   DHEC: Risk-Based Inspections

#1 DHEC: Risk-Based Inspections

Read the following article to better understand the restaurant grading system in South Carolina. Then summarize and describe each of the three grading scales used:

A: The highest food grade available. To obtain this status a restaurant must score between an 87-100 points on the inspection.

B: A restaurant scored between 78-86 points. Typically one major violation causes the B score. Restaurants with this grade need to seek improvement

C: A restaurant with this grade falls below 78 points and could potentially be shut down permanently or temporarily.
#2   SC Food Grades

#2 SC Food Grades

This is an interactive map resource that allows you to search any restaurant in the state of South Carolina for their current and past restaurant grade. Locate your top 3 restaurant selections and document their current and past food ratings.

1. Olive Garden
Current "A"
Past "A"

2. Wendy's
Current "A"
Past "B"

3. Starbucks
Current "A"
Past "A"
#3   FDA Identifies 16 Retail Locations That Sold Contaminated Coconut

#3 FDA Identifies 16 Retail Locations That Sold Contaminated Coconut

Research a locally published article dealing with food safety in the state of South Carolina and summarize. As you read identify government organizations or unfamiliar terms and infer their meaning.

There are at least 16 locations that have been identified as selling salmonella infested dried coconut shavings. Locally the Whole Foods in Lexington South Carolina. Stores are being told to remove the product from shelves and not to sell to consumers. If anyone experiences symptoms such as nausea, cramping, vomiting, etc... they should seek medical help.

This article mentions the FDA. I researched this term and it stands for the Food and Drug Administration who is responsible for investigating large incidents of food borne illness.