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my pivotoal 10


1.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt

A. they were one of the most respected presidents and in one of his elections he won in every state some of the policy that he created are still in action today like national parks
B. he is my second favorite president and he did a lot of things that i admire
C. today he is still one of the most popular presidents
2.  John Steinbeck

2. John Steinbeck

A. john has written many articles and novel explaining his view on America at the time
B. He really changed the way i look at his time period
C. this school year we have learned about him so all of his ideas are still alive today
3.  Superman

3. Superman

A. super man is a iconic symbol to almost every American today and at the time
B. superman is my favorite super hero and i have spent countless hours reading the comics
C. superman movies are still being made to this day and are making tons of money
4.  Walt Disney

4. Walt Disney

A. he created timeless films that everyone was fascinated by
B. i have probably seen over 100 Disney movies
C. today even after walts death his company has produced over 10 movies this year
5,  Frank Sinatra

5, Frank Sinatra

A. they had a brand new style of music and people all over the country were dancing to his jams
B. franks music helped me connect with my 104 year old great grandmother because we both liked him and I'm only 15
C. my 11 year old brother listens to frank Sinatra every day and so does my 90 year old grandpa
6.  Jeep SUVs & Crossovers

6. Jeep SUVs & Crossovers

A. The jeep was originally created to be a war machine but it found its way to becoming one of the most popular and sought after car brand sin American history
B. Jeep effected me as a person because my dad has been driving luxury jeeps ever since i was a little boy and i just grew up with them
C. The jeep wrangler is the dream car of most teenage girls and have just created a 707 horse power truck it has come a long way from war machines
7.  Bruce Lee

7. Bruce Lee

A. Bruce Lee brought a rage of foreign cultured action to the united states
B.His movies are really cool and there are good life lessons that you can learn from watching them
C. his movies are still being watched today and the culture he brought to the united states is still very active in 2018
8.  Adolf Hitler

8. Adolf Hitler

A. he really made a lot of people scared but also brought us together to defeat him
B.they really made me see a lot of bad in the world and ruined my childhood
C. his events still effect how people think and act today
9.  Jacob Riis

9. Jacob Riis

A. he had a big impact by taking pictures of people in poverty
B. he showed me that new York was not all riches and fun and games
C. i always remember that you have to look past what is on the cover and look deeper to see both sides not just the powerful side
10.  Jackie Robinson

10. Jackie Robinson

A. Jackie Robinson was the baseball player that broke the color barrier
B. it really showed me that color barriers in baseball and in all sports were really stupid and made the game not as good
C.his number is retired in all of baseball and black and white people play togather