One can call it a coincidence that from 11th of August starts 10th National Conference on Men's Issues in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India and on 3rd of August, member of parliament Shri Harinarayan Rajbhar, BJP member from Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh raised a demand of 'Purush Aayog'!

The first time ever, a demand for Men's Commission was raised in Indian parliament!

Such things don't happen easily, it's the result of all the efforts going into MP outreach program since years, aimed at sensitizing the members of parliament that at least some of them are gathering the courage to talk about issues which were never even discussed earlier.


In a scenario when there are no gender-neutral laws, rape of boys not taken seriously, domestic violence on men not taken into account, sexual harassment against men is not considered, male rape is neglected, custody battles are hugely against fathers, education of boys is taking a set back, male health, male suicides, there are so many issues of men and boys, but when someone talks about Men's Commission, what do so-called lawmakers, our chosen representatives do?

"The entire House burst into laughter as Rajbhar made this demand. There were five women members present in the House at that time, who were also seen smiling."

It's shameful that a lot of MP's laughed at this and tried to trivialize the issue.

This not only shows the lack of insensitivity and biased-ness but also the lack of knowledge of the issues Men face in our country!