Here are a few videos on Perseverance. Habits 2 & 3 are the focus of this month. This week looks like a great one! 

  • Backpack snacks will continue on Thursday - Teachers should have a list of the students receiving them. Please discretely slide them into the student's bookbag. If they need a bookbag, let me know. My 3rd Grade Heavy Lifters will deliver the snacks to each classroom during the day on Thursday. 
  • On Friday we have Families and we will be focusing on Begin With the End In Mind. Here's an idea for an activity...
    Teacher has two puzzle sets. Teacher should divide students up into two groups. One group must put the puzzle together upside down. The other group is able to put the puzzle together by looking at the picture. Allow the groups to start the task at the same time. When the students are complete, ask the following questions: “Why was the group looking at the picture able to complete their puzzle first? Why is it easier to begin with the end in mind?”
  • The first week of October is also Anti-Bullying week in Kansas. Many of my lessons in the classroom will be about this, but we do Kindness Week in February to further reinforce this concept (without using the term "bullying").