Week in Justice 23 April 2017

A busy week in criminal justice despite the announcement of a snap election. 

There were two new probation area inspection reports this week; in both the inspectorate criticised the performance of private probation and made it clear that supervising low risk offenders by telephone was unacceptable.

Two new prison inspection reports were also very critical; highlighting further increases in violence, a theme echoed by a report by a European watchdog.

This week's round-up includes a number of commentators looking at the possible impact of the election and a new government. We know that the Prisons and Courts Bill will not go through parliament before the election and it's not clear whether the MoJ probation review (though complete) will be published or not.

Some have speculated that a new May government might wind up the MoJ itself or at least replace the Justice Secretary, Liz Truss. In the meantime the MoJ has pressed on regardless: proposing a new fast-track deportation system, a police/prison squad to tackle drug-delivery drones and extremist separation centres - prisons within prisons.

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