By sarah goodall

Okay, hands up. Who took February?  This month has been a complete blur.  

We're still having fun @TribalImpact - we welcomed three new customers into our tribe, we've developed new products (shhhh – launching next month) and I've got so many new ideas I can’t sleep – my new sleep app tells me so.  I need another February.

Social Selling is our Tribal Chatter highlight this month.  Partly because I received a cold call a couple of weeks ago. Lovely chap but I explained (politely) why I felt his cold outreach was less effective than if he had made a warm engagement with me first.  Also, Altimeter released a super report about digital selling last week.  Worth looking at.  Credit to @TomNusko for the leading image on #socialselling

Right, I'm off to clean up the mess in the kitchen.  We've been flipping pancakes with the kids to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  Fun for them - hard work for Mum and Dad.



PS If you're struggling to open the links, you can view Tribal Chatter online here