By sarah goodall

Thank you March!  You brought back everything - the sunshine, flowers and warmer weather.  You did take away an hour of my sleep and left me to explain why the kids are going to bed in the daylight but I'll forgive you because we're on the road to summer!

It's been another busy month writing lots of proposals, delivering three huge workshops for various clients and doing a little soul searching around growing up and how we build out our Tribal network.  

This month I'm highlighting social media marketing, only because I read a fascinating TrackMaven report about Instagram emerging as THE social network for B2B engagement.  The average engagement rate per post is 10.61%.  To put that in perspective:

Check out the Instagram accounts of Cisco, Maersk (my favourite) and my old friend SAP to see how they're humanising their brands using this platform.  

That's all for now.  I hope you enjoy the coffee cartoon - brings my two favourite topics together. 


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