South East Dining Room 


Brick Brewery 

South East Dining Room will be collaborating with Brick Brewery on the 1st of December for a six course tasting menu using Brick Brewery's diverse range of beers as integral ingredients throughout the dishes.

Our seasonal menu will focus on the unique flavour combinations and techniques used to pair beer with food. 

Whilst using some of Brick Brewery's staple beers such as their Pioneer to slowly steam our rolled porchetta, we will also be combining some new flavours such as their lime and watermelon sour with organic salmon to create a fresh ceviche. 

Each course will be served with a sample of each beer used within the dish.

Beer Puff  -  Mottaini

Ale + Rye Bread . Smoked Butter  -  Peckham Pills 

Cured Salmon . Cucumber . Seaweed  -  Lime And Watermelon Sour 

Beef Cheek . Heritage Carrot . Grelot Onion  -  Peckham Rye 

Gambas . Citrus Mayonnaise - Peckham Pale 

Porchetta . Black Pudding . Rosemary Apple  -  Peckham IPA

Pecan Tart . Chocolate Ice Cream  -  Melange Stout