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You have fun together, love each other, and are compatible in all ways including the big "S"; your sex life together is amazing.

Okay so far, it's looking really good. Taking it to the next level, you want to make this relationship a solid, long-term one. What's the secret? Is there a secret or is it just plain luck? You need to know!

As a lifestyle and relationship expert I'm here to tell you that there are 10 major steps involved that help to maintain a happy, online relationship.

All through our lives we create emotional bonds. Whether it is family or friends we try to build relationships that are solid and hopefully long-lasting. The relationships grow and change over time getting better as we mature. Sometimes we discard those relationships which no longer suit our needs or which stifle our personal self. That's fine. It carries through to healthy adult couple relationships; ones which we want to keep and those not good for us.

But no good relationship just grows without some practical commitment and work. The reality is that there are 10 steps or phases to building the male/female love relationship.

Step 1- Friendship

First and foremost, you need to be friends with the person you love. Friendship simply means that you share activities, care about the other person's feelings, will be there for him/her in good times or bad, and don't ever take your partner for granted.

Step 2- Commitment

You need to be committed to making the relationship work. Nothing grows without care and nourishment. Commitment also means working together to solve problems and making some adjustments in your relationship when necessary. A good example of adjustment is if one of you has to relocate to another state because of professional commitments

Step 3- Don't Confuse Sex with Love

Sex and the pleasurable feeling you get from it is not love. Don't confuse the euphoric high of sex for the deep emotion of love.

Step 4- Be Equal Partners.

No one should be the "silent partner." View yourselves as a team. You are two unique individuals bringing different perspectives and strengths to this relationship. Each of you is important to the relationship. Run your partnership like a business that will reap great rewards. Be in this together.

Step 5- Communication and Conflict Resolution

Be heard but also be a listener. Seriously consider what the other has to say about issues. Learn the art of reasoning and negotiation in any argument. Solve problems as they arise and you will stop a full-blown fight in its tracks. Sleep with the "enemy"!

Step 6- R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Mutual respect is essential to a good relationship.

Step 7- Work at Intimacy.

Sex is easy; being truly intimate is hard. Sharing your concerns and fears, as well as hopes and dreams takes a lot of courage. You're putting your undisguised self out there for your partner to see and know. Your naked soul is much more vulnerable.

Step 8- Be Spontaneous

Don't get into a Relationship Rut. Make time for play and fun. Every so often do something spur of the moment. Go away for a weekend, do something different in terms of activities. Broaden your relationship horizons.

Step 9- Believe in Each Other

Oh so very important! Let each one of you pursue personal dreams. There is a "me" as well as a "we" in every relationship.

Step 10- Believe in Love

Love ebbs and flows, there're high tides as well as low ones. But, just as the waves return to the shore, love returns again and again. Fights, disagreements, differences of opinions; all change. Keep believing in what you have and what you want for each other.

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