By Dogs I Meet
Because Every Dog Has a Tale

This week I want to share a Rescue Mission story that is very close to my heart. A few months ago I travelled to Puerto Rico with Paola Anderson of Global United Dog Project and I photographed the dogs and humans that have been left homeless by the devastation of multiple hurricanes late last year. 

The aim of the mission was to raise awareness of their plight and raise money to help them feed and care for the abandoned and stray dog population. I have become obsessed with wanting to save them all and would be so grateful if you could help by donating any amount or just sharing their story.

I also donate $10 from the sale of each of my Street Tales digital images to the fund.

In other global stories there is a husky whose love of chasing ducks got him into some deep water, a stray dog who had a lucky escape from a gate, a hiker who owes her dog her life and two Great Dane brothers that you will simply fall in love with.