Issue 21   January 7, 2018

Welcome to the New Year.  From early indications, immigration law and politics in 2018 will be every bit as messy, noisy, and downright ugly as 2017. 

Since this is a mid-term election year, you can expect a lot of promises, proclamations, and political trial balloons.  I suspect various programs - addressing a limited range of issues - will be publicly discussed and floated.  

However, given that those in Congress will be keeping one eye on votes for November, the odds of immigrant-friendly reform passing is doubtful. 

A piecemeal approach to reform in and election year is not likely to produce a lasting solution.

In fact, as a pro-immigrant advocate, I fear what might be included if Congress does approve a legislative package.

Recent discussions of carving out a path to legalization for Dreamers - undocumented immigrants brought to this country as minor children - illustrates how immigration politics influence immigration law and policy, and not in a good way.

My biggest concern is the transition away from a family-based immigration system.  

In this edition of The Immigrant Journey, I share an article regarding the Trump Administration's focus on "chain migration".

Let's be clear.  When the words "chain migration" are used, they are code for family immigration.  Efforts to eliminate chain migration are efforts to destroy our family-based system of immigration law. 

Under the approach being asserted by the president and his allies, who can immigrate will be dramatically curtailed.  

Who will you not be able to immigrate?  Perhaps your parents.  Perhaps your brother and sister.  Perhaps, even, your spouse or children.  

It is, in short, a maneuver that must be defeated.  I do not believe Americans will support this change.  But I've been fooled before.  

The key in this battle is to make sure everyone knows what the rhetoric really means?  Will you stand beside me and help spread the word?

Last but not least, I've handpicked news, blog reports from around the web to share with you.  My goal is to provide you with an updated overview of issues faced by immigrants and their families - saving you from having the scour the internet - in the fast moving world of immigration law and politics.

To Your Success!

-- Carlos A. Batara