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Top A/B Testing Tools 2017

Use these tools to improve conversion rate of your site

Puzzled about how to perform A/B testing? Well, don’t be. A/B testing is a simple experiment where you compare two versions of a web page with the help of statistic analysis to identify which one is more successful. This process helps you in discovering ways to improve your website’s performance by viewing which one of the two variants can give a better conversion rate.

These days  A/B  testing has become a regular practice for marketers and websites. As this method can help you understand the preferences of your customers which is extremely important for adopting the right marketing strategy.

A/B testing can be useful for testing not just your website copy but also for sales emails and search ads. It is a very efficient way of figuring out the most powerful aspects of promotion to make sure that you are making your market efforts in the right direction.

There are various popular A/B tools to guide you in performing A/B testing in the most effective ways.  These tools can be found in email automation, mobile notification systems, landing page testing Tools, websites and mobile sites etc.

Here is a list of some competent A/B tools to you help you find the perfect tool for your needs.

Are there any A/B testing tools we missed that you would recommend? Email us.

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