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Top Bot Platforms 

Chatbot platform tools that enable you to create your own chatbots

Are you curious about chatbots and how to build one? Then here is the answer. A chatbot is a computer program that you interact with via a chat interface. It is powered by artificial intelligence and is created for diverse purposes.

In recent times chatbots have gained major prominence because of the increased usage of messenger apps by people all around the world. With its increasing popularity more and more marketers are trying to align it with their marketing strategies. By 2020 eighty percent of the companies are aspiring to use chatbots according to business insider.

Chatbots can be extremely useful for businesses in creating huge profits as they can assist them in various ways like 1). Improving customer services 2). Driving traffic 3). Lead generation 4). Engaging in affiliate marketing campaigns and many others.

Building a chatbot doesn’t necessarily require you to have hardcore programming knowledge as there are various reliable tools to help you create your own chatbot in an easy and time-consuming manner.

We have compiled a list of some incredibly useful bot tools to help you get started with constructing a bot in the most efficient ways.

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