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Top Content Curation Tools for Education | 2017

Educators, Librarians, Digital Specialists & Students

You are likely coming across amazing pieces of digital content in your daily life: interesting articles, industry news, video tutorials, infographics, SlideShares, etc. It's becoming more imperative for those in education to have an organized way of curating, storing and sharing the 'best of the web'. This list of content curation tools bas been put together to make it easier for you to organize and share educational resources in your daily life. 

All of these content curation tools do a great job of helping you group digital content together. However, there are some key differences you will notice between these platforms. Make sure to lookout for the following as you choose the right platform that meets your needs:

  1. How easy to use is the content curation tool?
  2. How is the curated content presented?
  3. Can you add your notes to the content you're curating?
  4. How can you share your curated content? 

Are there any content curation tools we missed that you would recommend? Email us.

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