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The Top File Sharing Tools

Share large files in no time.

While working online we often have files we want to share with teammates or clients. File sharing tools help us exchange multiple files from other computers or devices via the Internet or a local network. These tools make it incredibly easy and to share large files with another individual, co-workers or outside vendors.

Emailing attachments doesn't allow you to send large files due to restrictions on file size. So, instead of overflowing email inboxes with attachments you can use file sharing tools to share documents, videos, and images. 

File sharing platforms help diverse teams with groups of people from many different countries to work together and eliminate wasted time. So regardless of whether you have a virtual staff, outsourced staff or just co-workers who work from home, using the right file sharing tools will increase the speed and time it takes to access and exchange digital files.

We have compiled a list of the best file sharing tools to make it easy for you to upload files to share with friends or colleagues, access remotely, or store for later.

Are there any file sharing tools we missed that you would recommend? Email us.

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