Top Fin Tech Companies in 2017

Financial Technology has become a prominent industry as it has been attracting more and more startups to join in because of its high growth potential.  These new fintech companies are to be given credit to for re–inventing the elements of financial services and creating a superb user experience.

Fintech companies today have reshaped the financial sector by applying excellent technology to each and every financial function. Their innovative ideas have made them potentially invaluable partners or even a threat for the traditional institutes. As a matter of fact these, these competitive companies can take away $4.7 worth of revenue from traditional financial services, according to Goldman Sachs.

The major focus of fintech companies is to satisfy customer needs in the best possible way which makes them perfect for all kinds of businesses regardless of how small or large they are. They assist consumers to find efficient ways to save money and execute instant digital transactions at a remarkable speed. These ambitious companies have definitely backed businesses to handle important financial matters in a much more competent manner.

Here is a list of top fintech companies you must look at.

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