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The Best Online Giveaway & Contest Tools

A smart way to grow your audience and go viral!

Social media giveaways and contests have become hugely popular. Giving away something for free can result in free marketing which can lead to increased brand awareness.

There are numerous online tools to help you create and launch your own contests, online competitions, and giveaways. Here are some of the ways they help:

These giveaway, sweepstakes, and competition tools are very helpful in creating contests that rely on users to share your giveaway, create user-generated content, sign up for your platform/website, etc. It's a fun, entertaining way to engage your audience and ultimately help you achieve your marketing goals. 

For example, If you run a successful contest that requires people to submit content, a large number of entrants can end up promoting the content on their private social media channels. This leads to the building of long-term relationships with your audience and customers and ultimately lead to more business for you.

We've taken the time to put together the very best giveaway tools to help you with your WordPress blog, social following, website/app sign-ups, user-generated content and much more. 

Are there any online giveaway & contest tools we missed that you would recommend? Email us.

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