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Why Canadian Tire’s risk of being ‘Amazoned’ may be lower than you think - BNN

There's little doubt retailers around the world are concerned in some way, shape or form about Amazon stealing sales, but some analysts and shareholders think Canadian Tire has a couple tricks of its own to help it avoid being "Amazoned."
One BMO Capital Markets analyst thinks Canadian Tire's store locations and in-house brands such as MotoMaster and Mastercraft could work to insulate the company from losing market share to the e-commerce giant.

Amazon, Walmart want to leave deliveries inside your home... when you're not there

Both Amazon and Walmart want to deliver packages inside your home — while you're not there. Delivery people entering your home is the latest offering in the battle for online shoppers.

Fogo Island Inn and Fluevog Shoes Join Forces For a Limited Edition Vow

ohn Fluevog Shoes in collaboration with Fogo Island Inn and Fogo Island Shop have released the limited edition Fogo Island Inn Vow shoe. Sales of the lichen-coloured leather shoe will raise funds for Shorefast, a registered Canadian charity devoted to building cultural and economic resilience on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

Is Early November Too Soon For Holiday Music and Decorations?

The truth is is that Christmas music and decorations encourage you to buy and spend more. It’s a constant reminder of our loved ones and the things we need to buy them. This isn’t simply anecdotal, there have been some scientific studies that Christmas music not only encourages shopping but customers actually like it. A UK study revealed that 95% of customers prefer to do their Christmas shopping with in-store-music. Furthermore out of the 95% of people that said they prefer to shop with Christmas music four out of 10 claimed they would go to a different store if the store they were shopping in wasn’t playing in-store music. The findings go on to reveal that 1 in 4 people actually think they buy more or are more generous with their gifts when they hear Christmas music. What does this all mean? Well, essentially holiday and Christmas music entices you to part with your money...