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MEC temporarily pulls products from online store after customers allege 'pink tax'

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) has temporarily pulled two items from its online store after customers complained the versions of the product advertised for men and women were being sold for different prices.

The product, listed as a "Castelli head thingy," is a product described as a "neck warmer, hairband, face mask, bandana, helmet liner."

The men's version of the product was listed for $30, while the women's product was listed for $35, though the only difference in the online store appeared to be the colour scheme.

Inside Fjallraven’s Canadian expansion

With its double umlauts, it’d be easy to mistake Fjällräven for a Scandinavian metal band – an apropos association given that the company (pronounced “fee-y’all raw-ven”) is hoping to make some noise domestically.

Is Indigo another candidate to go private?

Minority shareholders will be reluctant to tender at the current depressed price, but by chance we have tangible evidence of what a smart insider thought the stock was worth a year ago

Retailers need 'harmonized approach' when banning single-use plastics, RCC says

If the federal government wants to ban single-use plastics, it will need to come up with a consistent national strategy for businesses, the Retail Council of Canada says.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the government will ban plastic bags, straws, cutlery and other single-use plastics as early as 2021. It's part of a larger strategy to tackle plastic pollution.

Jim Cormier, the Atlantic director of the Retail Council of Canada, supports such a move if the rules are the same across the country.

K-Swiss and Gary Vaynerchuk Release Gary Vee 004 Sneakers

K-Swiss has partnered with author, speaker, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to release the limited-edition Gary Vee 004 "Make Positivity and Optimism Louder" sneakers. K-Swiss was founded in 1966 in California and is known for its tennis performance and street style.

The Gary Vee 004 sneakers come in both a high-top and low-top option, adorned with the saying "positivity and optimist". The Gary Vee 004 shoe boasts a high-quality leather upper, with a modern cup sole, and a comfortable padded interior for support. It's available at K-Swiss' Canadian website.

Nearly 60% of all food in Canada is wasted - expands to BC to help change...

Loblaw commits over $400,000 to Second Harvest to support a free, innovative platform that tackles food waste, food insecurity, and climate change VANCOUVER,...

Federal plastic ban levels playing field, Retail Council of Canada says

According to the great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up, of the 12 most commonly found litter items in the country last year, 10 of them contained plastic; cigarette butts, tiny plastic or foam, food wrappers, bottle caps, plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws, other packing, foam and coffee cups.