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‘We’re not a food hall’: Eataly’s Andrea Guerra on the company’s Canadian expansion

Eataly, the chain of luxury grocery and restaurant complexes devoted to Italian cuisine, is expected to open its first Canadian location this fall after years of planning and construction.

The 50,000-square-foot Toronto flagship — which will have three levels and include a grocery store, a fresh market, four restaurants and half a dozen bars, counters and coffee shops — is the first step in what Eataly’s executive president, Andrea Guerra, sees as a legitimate expansion into Canada, one that could eventually see locations added in Montreal and/or Vancouver.

History Through Our Eyes: Aug. 20, 1986, shopping on cable TV

Long before online shopping turned the retail world on its head, there was tele-shopping.

The Amazon effect ramps up pressure in Canada's industrial market

With the e-commerce giant gobbling up industrial sites in key cities, competition for scarce space is growing

Compensation payments to farmers don’t help consumers at the cash register

The Liberals basically took the same approach Harper intended to take back in 2015 when trade deals were signed and almost the same amount. We now know the terms of dairy farmers’ compensation: each Canadian will give $46 dollars each to dairy farmers over the next eight years while paying exorbitant retail prices for many dairy products.

Eggs and poultry are coming next. And don’t hold your breath because more money given to dairy farmers won’t change much of anything at the grocery stores. We’ll have more variety due to more foreign products coming in, but prices won’t drop anytime soon.

But the announcement last week by the Minister of Agriculture, Marie-Claude Bibeau was expected. A total of $1.75 billion will be given for losses after trade pacts were struck with the European Union and Pacific nations. The announcement does not include the looming trade deal with the Americans and Mexico. Losses are assumed, but no one knows exactly how much each farmer will lose.

Millennials top boomers in debt while Gen X still owe the most: TransUnion | CBC News

TransUnion says a spike in borrowing over the past year has led millennials to overtake boomers in total debt holdings as part of a generational shift.

How Canadian Retailers Guide Customers to the Right Kind of Cannabis

Whether categorized by cultivar or suggested effects, Canadian retailers are getting creative when it comes to guiding customers to cannabis products.

Private pot shops closer than government retailers to schools, study finds

Private cannabis stores tend to be closer to primary and secondary schools than government-run stores are, according to a new study that compares legally operating recreational cannabis outlets across Canada.