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Sears pensioners seek ex-judge as litigation trustee to get dividends paid to Lampert/etc

Sears Canada collapsed in court protection last June and has now shut all its stores. Its retirees are owed about $270-million as a result of their underfunded pension and an estimated $400-million in unpaid health and life-insurance benefits, according to court documents to be filed on Monday [Marina Strauss, Globe & Mail]

Sears retirees wait to learn fate of their pensions and wonder where the money went

Sears Canada retirees are still waiting to learn the fate of their pensions. Many are also still struggling to understand how it got to this point.

"I accepted it, but now I'm back in the anger stage again," said Gail McClelland, who worked in furniture sales in Calgary for most of her 33-year career with Sears.

The retailer closed its doors last month, leaving behind an underfunded pension plan. About 16,000 ex-employees are bracing for a reduction in their pensions sometime this year, estimated at 19 per cent by the Sears Canada Retiree Group (SCRG), a volunteer organization representing retirees.

Sobeys pulls sponsorship for Expo featuring father convicted in son's meningitis death

The owner of Health and Wellness Expos of Canada is defending his decision to invite David Stephan to speak at events in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Sobeys has withdrawn its sponsorship of the events after drawing criticism online over Stephan's participation.

Stephan and his wife Collet were convicted in 2016 of failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son Ezekiel, who died in 2012. The Stephans attempted to treat their 19-month-old son with natural remedies when he fell ill with meningitis...

Luxury vehicle sales in Canada still booming but higher interest rates pose challenge

Analysts say a combination of a strong economy with good job growth, affordable financing and more new vehicles on the market has led the luxury segment to outpace sales growth in the overall auto sector.

Pot brands race to claim retail dominance in budding marijuana landscape

As the race to produce enough cannabis for the soon-to-be-legal market gets increasingly crowded, licensed producers are setting their sights on the next frontier in the race for maximum pot profitability: developing retail stores.

Sport Chek goes loud with Olympic disclaimer (Strategy Magazine)

The retailer has invested half of its media spend on delivering a "warning" during the first day of the games.