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The collapse of Sears Canada should bring change |

Suddenly jobless after two decades as a sales manager for now-defunct Sears Canada, Rose Dalessandro found herself unable to pay for dental appointments for her two children. She could blame her financial difficulties and the demise of the once-mighty Canadian retail giant on the usual suspects — poor management, globalization, the rise of internet shopping.

But it might be more accurate to blame Eddie Lampert, the billionaire U.S. financier who is the company’s largest shareholder as chairman of Chicago-based Sears Holding Corp...

'Duped': Sears shoppers allege retailer inflated prices for liquidation sales

Several shoppers are upset after uncovering altered price tags during Sears liquidation sales. Sears Canada says the prices were marked up long before the start of the sale.

Calgary designer 'sorry' to see Indigo selling very similar design

The art designer and co-founder of a two-person online gift company was "sorry"' to see merchandise at Indigo emblazoned with a design that was strikingly similar to her own hand-drawn art, and she's looking for an apology, among other remedies.

"We just wanted people to know that this isn't right," Shauna Hartsook told CBC News on Friday...

Value Village and other resellers feeling sting of East Africa's crackdown on cheap second

Penalties on second-hand clothing imports imposed by some East African countries are putting pressure on a lot of people who rely on the trade in Canada and abroad.

Pension plans and corporate bankruptcies: Why pensioners aren't 1st in line

The federal government said this week it has no plan right now to change the law to protect Canadian pensioners when companies such as Sears file for bankruptcy, despite pension advocates calling for improved protections...